Unit of sale : 1

Screen: 5″ or 7″ is common on reversing camera systems. All Visio products have a 7″ LCD colour screen with 400cd/m2 that allows you to see the screen in bright conditions and 300000 pixels resolution for a clear picture. Also includeantiglare shield
Wired or wireless? : All Visio products are wired to eliminate interference and signal loss. Also note the cable length supplied, as over long cables can cause just as many installation problems as short cables (many manufacturers supply 20m DIN cables in all models).

Audio/microphone function: All Visio products have a built in microphone on the camera with an audio function on the screen, this allows you to hear, as well as see, behind you.

Mirror function: Allows you to choose whether you see the true picture or as if you were looking in a mirror, all Visio products have this feature.

Camera: All Visio cameras have a wide 120° horizontal viewing angle (with the dual also having 45° on the additonal camera). Both EVO and EVO dual have a waterproof rating of IP69K which is the highest available for use with pressure washers. The EVO van has IP68 which is waterproof. Most others on the market are IP68.

Mounting: Solid adhesive mounting plates with screw holes. Each model has a vibration resistance of 10G (many others on the market are 5G)