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Thule Omnistep12V Slide-Out 400

This 12v motorised Omni-Step is operated by a switch (supplied) that mounts inside the motorhome, and fully conforms to both EMV and CE standards. This Omni-Step exceeds the European standard EN1646.

A sensor switch is included for the connection of a warning lamp (and/or buzzer), somewhere in the vehicle (normally the dashboard), so that you can’t unknowingly drive away with the 12v Omni-step extended. Note that the warning light itself is not supplied with the step, because the vast majority of purchasers wish to fit one that matches their vehicle dashboard (typically bought from either a motor-factors or main-dealer).

The corners of the Omni-step are rounded and give light in the darkness.

The Omni-step itself is made of corrugated anodised aluminium, the fastening frame from aluminium or warm zinc plated steel.

  • Conform to the EMV and CE standards. The formulated quality standards exceed European standard EN1646
  • A switch for the connection of an optional warning lamp in the vehicle is supplied as standard so that it it impossible to drive away with the step out.
  • Made of corrugated anodised aluminium