Propex HS2000E Hot Air Heater (3151)


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The Propex HS2000E heater is an automatic thermostatically controlled blow air heating system fuelled by propane/butane gas or 240v mains electric. This heaters gives you the option of using mains hook-up to provide selectable 500W, 1kW or 2kW of heat output.

Features include:-

Heat Input 2.0 kw, Heat Output Gas : 1.9 kw Electric: 500W, 1kW, 2kW
Voltage Gas: 12v or 24v Electric: 230 volts AC 50Hz, Current Consumption:Gas: 1.4A Continuous running Electric: 9 Amps Maximum Current, Air Throughput: Gas: 60 CFM Electric: 60 CFM, Fuel: Gas: Butane or Propane Gas Electric: Mains,

Dimensions : Length: 320 mm, Width: 172 mm, Height: 100 mm

gr- 30375