Fiamma Bi Pot 30 (3183)


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The built-in Cassette Toilet consists of two parts: a permanently installed toilet and a removable wasteholding tank. A clever indicator lets you know when the tank needs to be emptied, and you can access and remove the tank through a small door on the outside of the vehicle. Cassette toilet, bench model with integrated flush water tank, waste holding tank & warning indicator.  Available right hand or left hand.


*  White Finish

*  Electric button flush

*  Waste holding tank on wheels

*  LED display when waste tank full

*  Integrated pour out spout

*  19.3 litre waste holding tank

*  15 litre freshwater tank capacity

Dimensions: Height: 512 mm; Width: 670 mm; Depth: 400 mm

Seat Height : 473 mm

Weight : 8.1 kg

3 year warranty


RH Version (30307) – Excludes Door & Filler Panel.

LH Version (30306) – Includes Door & Filler Panel.

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Left hand model £513 GR-30306, Right hand model £442.00 GR-30307